Full List of All the Animals at Animal Kingdom in Disney World

No trip to Disney World is complete without paying a visit with as many Animal Kingdom animals as possible. For vacation planners, or curious park guests, it may be helpful to have a full list of all of the animals currently at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Though, it may surprise you, that such a list does not exist…until now! 

There are over 50 species of animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. You can see well-known animals like tigers, lions, gorillas, monkeys, and flamingos; or see animals not typically found in zoos like impala, rhinos, hippos, and more. You can even take a free ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris to see 34 different animal species on a simulated African preserve.

So while you won’t find any bears on display at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there are countless other animal species to see. In this post I share a full, updated list of all of the various animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom exhibits throughout the theme park. 

I have organized this list by each area (or “land”) of the park. You can scroll through to see the animals in each section of the park, or jump around and follow along as you’d like. **Please note, this list of animals may fluctuate slightly day to day due to animal health, or other extenuating circumstances. There are also no animals on display in Pandora – The World of Avatar.

1. Oasis / Park Entrance Area Animals at Animal Kingdom

Featuring exotic animal exhibits, this is the area just after the entrance, leading up to the Tree of Life.

  • African Spoonbill
  • Babirusa
  • Bahama Pintail
  • Bronze-winged Duck
  • Bufflehead
  • Chiloe Wigeon
  • Florida Cooter
  • Giant Anteater
  • Hooded Merganser
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Indian Spotbill
  • Javan Tree Duck
  • Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
  • Military Macaw
  • Puna Teal
  • Radjah Shelduck
  • Reeves’ Muntjac
  • Ringed Teal
  • Rosybill Pochard
  • Ruddy Duck
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Sharpe-winged Teal
  • Swamp Wallaby
  • White Ibis

2. Discovery Island Animals on Display at Animal Kingdom

This is the main hub of Animal Kingdom, with paths leading to each of the other lands. There are various animals on display in this section of the park, which you can find on the trails surrounding the Tree of Life. 

  • Asian Small-clawed Otter
  • Axis Deer
  • Black Neck Swan
  • Blue & Yellow Macaw
  • Cape Teal
  • Collared Lemur
  • Comb Duck
  • Cotton-top Tamarin
  • Eyton’s Tree Duck
  • Galapagos Tortoise
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Grey Kangaroo
  • Green-winged Macaw
  • Painted Storks
  • Red Kangaroo
  • Ring-tailed Lemur
  • Roseate Spoonbill
  • Saddle-billed Stork
  • Salmon-crested Cockatoo
  • Silver Teal
  • West African Crowned Crane
  • White Stork
  • White Faced Whistling Duck
  • Woolynecked Stork
Elephants are one of the many animals at Animal Kingdom on display for the public.

3. Africa – Animals on the Safari and the Trails in Animal Kingdom

Home to the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride, and the Gorilla Falls Exploration trail leading to many other animal exhibits. 

Animals on Display on the Kilimanjaro Safaris Ride – Africa

  • African Elephant
  • African Lion
  • Black and White Colubus Monkeys (in the attraction queue line)
  • Black Rhinoceros
  • Bongo
  • Cheetah
  • Common Waterbuck
  • Egyptian Goose
  • Eland 
  • Grant’s Zebra
  • Greater Kudu
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Helmeted Guineafowl
  • Impala 
  • Mandrill
  • Mhorr’s Gazelle
  • Nile Crocodile
  • Nile Hippopotamus
  • Northern Pintail
  • Nyala
  • Okapi
  • Ostrich
  • Pink-backed Pelican
  • Reticulated Giraffe
  • Sable Antelope
  • Saddle-billed Stork
  • Scimitar-horned Oryx
  • White-bearded Wildebeest
  • Warthog
  • White Rhinoceros
  • Yellow-backed Duiker
  • Yellow-billed Stork

Animals on Display on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail – Africa

  • African Grey Parrot
  • African Hoopoe
  • African Jacana
  • African White-backed Duck
  • Amethyst Starling
  • Bearded Barbet
  • Black Crake
  • Blue Bellied Roller
  • Brimstone Canary
  • Carmine Bee-eater
  • Colobus Monkey
  • Dwarf Shield-tailed Agama
  • Emerald Starling
  • Golden-breasted Starling
  • Golden Weavers
  • Gorilla
  • Great Blue Turaco
  • Hadada Ibis
  • Hammerkop
  • Hottentot Teal
  • Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Kori Bustard
  • Lake Victoria Cichlids
  • Magpie Shrike
  • Marbled Teal
  • Meerkat
  • Naked Mole Rat
  • Nile Hippopotamus
  • Okapi
  • Olive Pigeon
  • Pygmy Goose
  • Spiney Tailed Lizard
  • Stanley Crane
  • Snowy-headed Robin Chat
  • Superb Starling
  • Tarantula
  • Wattled Starling
  • White-backed Duck
  • White-bellied Go-away Bird
  • White-collared Kingfisher
  • Yellow-backed Duiker

4. Rafiki’s Planet Watch Animals on Display

To get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch take the train that departs from the Africa section of the park.

  • African Pygmy Goat
  • Ball Python
  • Black Rough-necked Monitor
  • Blue & Gold Macaw
  • Blue-tongued Skink
  • Brush-tailed Possum
  • Butterflies
  • Chinchilla
  • Citron Cockatoo
  • Common Boa
  • Corn Snake
  • Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula
  • Deaths Head Cockroach
  • Dexter Cow
  • Dominique Chicken
  • Emperor Scorpion
  • Everglades Ratsnake
  • Fennec Fox
  • Ferret
  • Giant African Black Milipedes
  • Golden Lion Tamarin
  • Green Tree Python
  • Green-winged Macaw
  • Guinea Hog
  • Gulf Coast Native Sheep
  • Hermit Crab
  • Hissing Cockroach
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Inland Bearded Dragon
  • Kinkajou
  • Llama
  • Madagascar Day Gecko
  • Madagascar Tree Boa
  • Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
  • Miniature Donkey
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goat
  • Nile Monitor
  • Opossum
  • Prehensile-tailed Skink
  • Pygmy Hedgehog Tenrec
  • Rat
  • Red Cockaded Woodpecker
  • Red Ratskake
  • Red-backed Hawk
  • Red-crested Touraco
  • Rose-breasted Cockatoo
  • San Clemente Island Goat
  • Savanna Monitor
  • Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot
  • Spectacled Owl
  • Standard Chinchilla Rabbit
  • Striped Skunk
  • Tamandua
  • Tarantula 
  • Tawny Frogmouth
  • Tawny Owl
  • Tenrec
  • Tunis Sheep
  • Two-toed Sloth
  • Uromastyx
  • Vasa Parrot
A monkey on display as one of the animals at Animal Kingdom in Disney World.

5. Asia – Animals Available to See in Animal Kingdom

Home to animals native to Asian countries, most of these animals are on display on the Maharajah Jungle Trek trails. 

  • Amboina King Parrot
  • Asian Fairy Bluebird
  • Asian Tiger
  • Bali mynah
  • Banteng
  • Blackbuck Antelope
  • Blue-Throated Barbet
  • Collared Kingfisher
  • Crested Wood Partridge
  • Early Bluebird
  • Eld’s Deer
  • Golden-backed Woodpecker
  • Golden Pheasant
  • Gold-crested Mynah
  • Green Jungle Fowl
  • Green-winged Dove
  • Green Peafowl
  • Green-naped Pheasant Ageon
  • Hooded Pitta
  • Hoopoe
  • Indian Blue Roller
  • Indian Pygmy Goose
  • Iris Lorikeet
  • Jambu Fruit Dove
  • Komodo Dragon
  • Lady Amherst’s Pheasant
  • Magnificent Ground Pigeon
  • Malayan Flying Fox
  • Mandarin Duck
  • New Guinea Masked Plover
  • Nicobar Pigeon
  • Orange-bellied Leafbird
  • Pheasant Pigeon
  • Pied Imperial Pigeon
  • Pink-necked Green Pigeon
  • Plum-headed Parakeet
  • Red-headed Parrot Finch
  • Rodrigues Fruit Bat
  • Saurus Crane
  • Siamang
  • Silver-eared Mesia
  • Sooty-headed Bulbul
  • Spice Finch
  • Temminck’s Fruit Dove
  • Timor Sparrow Finch
  • Treron Pink-necked Pigeon
  • White Cheeked Gibbon 
  • White-collared Kingfisher
  • White Headed Buffalo Weaver
  • White-headed Munia
  • White-rumped Shama Thrush
  • Wompoo Fruit Dove
  • Yellow-throated Laughing Thrush
  • Yellow-vented Bulbul
  • Zebra Finches

6. Dinoland USA Animals to See in Animal Kingdom

Though this area is themed more for prehistoric animals – the dinosaurs – there are still a few “real-life” species to see here. 

  • Abdim Storks
  • American Crocodile
  • Red-legged Seriema

Animals are Everywhere at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

So as you can tell from this exhaustive list, Animal Kingdom really does live up to its name. With over 50 different animal species, and a particularly authentic African-themed open air safari, anyone is sure to find at least one animal they love or have never seen before. Of course, this list is evidence that Animal Kingdom is much more than just a zoo. It is a full theme park experience that just happens to include hundreds of animals.

Allison Strunk

Allison is a Disney travel agent and down right obsessed Disney fan. Allison has been helping clients and strangers on the internet plan amazing Disney vacations for over five years. She has sailed on Disney Cruise Line, is a current Disneyland Annual Passholder, though she still considers Walt Disney World her "home park" and visits there often. Allison loves to talk all things Disney and help others plan trips of their own!

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  1. Thank you so much Allison! We will be traveling in from Va Beach, VA, and this list of animals has changed my mind about visiting the park. The Disney site lists a bunch of rides and nothing about the animals. They should pay you! LOL.
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