Where to Find The Best Pickles Ever at Disneyland

Pickles are a peculiar choice as one of the most loved and best known Disneyland snacks. Disneyland pickles are different from a normal pickle though. As a self proclaimed pickle aficionado, I can confirm that Disneyland pickles are just hands down the best pickles ever. The pickles at Disneyland are full, whole pickles wrapped in plastic wrap, kept on ice, and sold at fruit stands throughout the parks. 

You can find Disneyland pickles at fruit stands in both Disneyland parks: Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Pickles are $3.99 and are always served whole. These pickles are not served in Downtown Disney or at the Disneyland Resort hotels. 

Keep reading for the full list of fruit stands that serve pickles at Disneyland. As well as a can’t-miss fried pickle option at Carnation Cafe in Disneyland that Eater named as one of the top things to eat at Disneyland in 2019. Pickle lovers have never been so spoiled!

List of Where To Get Pickles at Disneyland

  • Critter Country Fruit Cart
    • Near the bridge in front of Splash Mountain, behind Harbour Galley
  • Fantasyland Fruit Cart
    • Across from the Red Rose Tavern entrance, in front of Casey Jr. 
  • Main Street, U.S.A. Fruit Cart
    • Between Starbucks (which is called Market House) and Disney Clothiers
  • Ship to Shore Marketplace
    • Across from Big Thunder Mountain entrance
  • Tomorrowland Fruit Cart
    • Near the Star Trader store and Space Mountain
  • Toon Up Treats
    • Next to Pluto’s Doghouse, across from Goofy’s playhouse
  • Tropical Imports Snacks
    • Across from Jungle Cruise entrance

List of Where to Get Pickles at DCA

  • Mortimer’s Market
    • On the right side of the street just after entering the park through the main gates
  • Fairfax Market
    • Across from the Animation Academy building, next to Schmoozies
  • Fillmore’s Taste-In
    • Across from Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Cars Land

Must Know Disneyland Pickle Info

  • Cost
    • Disneyland pickles are currently $3.99 at ANY of these fruit stands
    • You can pay with cash, credit/debit, or via touchless payments
  • Spicy pickles
    • Yes, that’s right, the classic Disneyland pickle can also sometimes be found in a spicy variety. Spicy pickles are differentiated and marked with a “spicy” sticker. 
    • Spicy pickles are not always available and are not at every fruit cart. If you don’t see one, but have a craving for it, ask the Cast Member and they may be able to point you in the right direction.
  • No, you can not get a free pickle
    • This comes from an old rumor that spread on Twitter and other social media, that said if you simply ask the fruit cart Cast Member how their day was going that they’d give you a free pickle in return.
    • This rumor has been debunked by many people who tried themselves. While Cast Members would be more than happy for you to ask about their day, they will not reward you for doing so with a free pickle. Better just shell out that $3.99 instead.

Can You Get Disneyland Pickles Outside of the Parks at Downtown Disney or the Hotels?

Perhaps part of the mystique of the Disneyland pickle is its rarity. Disneyland pickles are only sold inside the parks themselves. You can not get a Disneyland pickle at Downtown Disney or the Disneyland Resort Hotels either. Not even from the quick service grab-and-go locations at the Disneyland Resort Hotels. So if you want to try one of the famous Disneyland pickles, you will definitely need a park ticket.

As for Disneyland pickles at home, I’ve not yet been able to find a pickle in grocery stores that truly tastes the same as the pickles in the parks. But, of those I’ve tried, the whole Vlasic pickles are about as close as you can get at home. It helps if you get the pickles really cold, like set it on ice for a little bit cold. 

Fried Pickle Chips at Black Tap in Downtown Disney

However, there is one semi exception to this, which are the fried pickle chips at Black Tap in Downtown Disney. Black Tap is a quick service restaurant that specializes in crazy milkshakes and burgers, but they also have really good sides and appetizers. Their pickle chips are well known and loved. 

Black Tap fried pickle chips have a light batter that is perfectly crisp, with tangy, savory, wavy cut pickle chips inside. And they’re served with a fantastic house-made buttermilk dill sauce. Though these pickle chips are not as famous, and definitely not the same as THE Disneyland pickle, they are definitely worth a try.

Must-Try Fried Pickle Spears from Carnation Cafe at Disneyland

Speaking of fried pickles, let’s get to the King of fried pickles: the fried pickle spears from Carnation Cafe in Disneyland proper. If you’re only going to have one fried pickle on your Disneyland trip, skip the ones from Black Tap and get these instead. 

The fried pickle spears from Carnation Cafe are almost as famous as the regular fruit stand pickles themselves. While I have not confirmed this, I am almost certain they are the same fruit stand pickles, but just cut and fried up (in the best way).

While everyone has had pickle chips before at their local restaurants, most have never had whole, fried pickle spears. That’s exactly what you get at Carnation Cafe: whole pickle spears dipped in parmesan and panko, fried to golden brown and crisp and served with a housemade dipping sauce. 

The fried pickle spears at Carnation Cafe are most definitely the best fried pickle I have ever had, of any variety. And I make sure to get a reservation there every trip just for the pickles. I wouldn’t miss them! If you want to try for yourselves, I recommend getting a reservation in advance on the Disneyland website or app. Otherwise you might risk not getting in, which would be a true pickle to be in (heh, heh)!

Carnation Cafe Fried Pickle Spears Copycat Recipe – To Enjoy at Home!

Can’t get to Disneyland to try the fried pickles from Carnation Cafe? No worries, you can make them at home! Here’s the official recipe from Disneyland themselves. Can’t get any closer to the real deal than that!

Whether you’re at home in quarantine during a pandemic, or just relaxing on a regular day, there’s nothing like having a slice of Disney in your own home. The fried pickle spears from Carnation Cafe are, admittedly, a bit of an endeavour to make at home because of the frying that’s required. But so long as you’re comfortable frying at home, add these to your list of recipes to try!

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