Mobile Order Starbucks at Disneyland: What You Can, And Can’t Do

Using the Starbucks App to mobile order your drinks or food items in advance, so that they are magically ready for pick up when you arrive, is a great way to save time in everyday life. Wouldn’t it be even more great if you could also mobile order Starbucks at Disneyland in order to save precious, valuable park time? Well, at Disneyland it’s not that easy. 

It is NOT possible to mobile order Starbucks at Disneyland or DCA at the locations inside of the parks, on either the Starbucks App, or the Disneyland App. However, it is possible to mobile order Starbucks at the two Downtown Disney locations, via the Starbucks App only. 

So while you can not mobile order Starbucks inside of the Disneyland parks themselves, there are still ways to get your Starbucks or general coffee fix. In this article I share all of the information you need to know about mobile ordering Starbucks during your trip to Disneyland so that you can maximize your time. I also share a list of my favorite coffee options that are available for mobile order inside of the parks, via the Disneyland App.

Starbucks Mobile Order Is Only Available On The Starbucks App, Not The Disneyland App

When you say the words “mobile order” at Disneyland, most Cast Members or other park-goers will probably assume you are referring to the feature on the Disneyland App. This can be confusing when speaking about Starbucks specifically. Which is because Starbucks also allows mobile ordering, at some locations, via the Starbucks App itself. 

When using the Disneyland App, mobile ordering is only possible at Disneyland owned locations. The Starbucks locations at Disneyland are not owned by Disney. Rather, they are owned by Starbucks directly. Therefore, ordering Starbucks from the Disneyland App is NOT a possibility now, and probably won’t be in the near future either. However, you can still use the official Starbucks App to mobile order at Disneyland – but not inside the parks at all. 

Disney Parks art on a Starbucks coffee cup.
Image by Haydn Blackey licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

Starbucks Mobile Order Is NOT Available Inside Of The Disneyland Parks

There is one Starbucks location in each of the Disneyland parks: Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. However, neither of the two locations inside of the park allow for mobile ordering, unfortunately. Instead, if you’re in the park and you want a Starbucks, you will have to wait in line.

I have been there myself on past trips… sometimes you just need your fix but you don’t want to leave the park. From my experience the lines for Starbucks inside the park can get pretty long. I’m talking out the door long. Especially since Rise of the Resistance has opened, bringing large crowds in the morning. But on my recent trips to Disneyland, the line has backed up to the door, but it took less than 30 minutes to wait in line, order, and get my drink. 

Make sure to keep in mind that the Starbucks locations in the parks are actually not expressly called Starbucks on the outside or have a Starbucks sign. In Disneyland Starbucks is the “Market House” on Main Street, and in DCA Starbucks is the “Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe” located near Carthay Circle Restaurant. 

The Only Locations That Allow Starbucks Mobile Order at Disneyland are the Two Locations in Downtown Disney

If you’re at Disneyland and you don’t want to “waste” time standing in line at Starbucks, I understand that. Vacation time is valuable. If you still really want Starbucks specifically, you CAN mobile order Starbucks from the Starbucks App at the Downtown Disney locations. 

There are two Starbucks locations in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. Here is how they will be listed in the Starbucks App when you’re ready to order:

  1. Starbucks Downtown Disney
    1. Located by World Of Disney
    2. The largest and main location at Disneyland and Downtown Disney
    3. Dedicated outdoor seating area, which is often shaded. And plenty of benches in the area nearby.
  2. Starbucks Downtown Disney West II
    1. Located by the Lego Store
    2. The smaller location in Downtown Disney
    3. No seating available in the store, but plenty of benches outside nearby. 

How To Mobile Order Starbucks At Disneyland Strategically

I think a good suggestion is to work in your Starbucks mobile order with a mid-day break or shopping binge. However, if you’re strategic, both of the Downtown Disney Starbucks locations can also be just a quick bounce in and out of the parks with little wasted time.

Mobile Order Starbucks at Disneyland is Available at This Location in Downtown Disney.
“Starbucks in Downtown Disney” by ishell is licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

From Disneyland, Order From The “Starbucks Downtown Disney West II” Location And Take The Monorail There:

If you’re in Disneyland and want to mobile order a Starbucks, head to the Monorail in Tomorrowland. Yes, you can exit the park on the Monorail and then get back in again! While you are heading to the monorail, check on the Starbucks App to get an idea of the pick-up times. It usually takes about 10-20 minutes, including a small wait, to get from the Tomorrowland Station to the Downtown Disney station. 

Once you get off of the Monorail in Downtown Disney, the Starbucks Downtown Disney West II location is slightly to the right, and then straight ahead. It is almost directly across from the Monorail station in Downtown Disney. If you time it right, you just pop in and grab your drink, and then get right back on the Monorail to continue enjoying the day. 

From DCA, Order From The “Starbucks Downtown Disney” Location And Walk Over

Picking up a mobile order form the Downtown Disney Starbucks location is a bit less convenient from DCA than from Disneyland, because you actually have to walk there. From DCA the closest location is the “Starbucks Downtown Disney” store. Depending on where you are in DCA, the fastest route there may be different. 

From Pixar Pier or the Grizzly Peak areas of the park, the fastest way to get to the Downtown Disney Starbucks is by cutting through the Grand Californian Hotel. Anyone can use the Grand Californian Hotel park gates, even if they’re not a current guest of the hotel. The gate is located across from the Grizzly River Run raft ride. From Cars Land or the Hollywood Boulevard areas, it is faster to use the main DCA entrance to get to the Downtown Disney Starbucks. 

The snickerdoodle cold brew coffee that I mobile ordered at Disneryland.
Snickerdoodle Cold Brew from Hungry Bear Restaurant From Christmas Season 2019

The Best Coffee At Disneyland Inside Of The Parks That You CAN Mobile Order

Don’t want to stand in the Starbucks line in the park, and don’t want to make the journey to Downtown Disney? Well, there are other coffee options that you CAN mobile order within the parks without having to leave. And I’m not talking about a standard black coffee with creamer. Those are there for sure, but I’m talking about specialty drinks like macchiatos, lattes, cold brew, and more! For these options you’ll use the Disneyland App instead of the Starbucks App. Here’s some of my favorite coffee options in the parks, with links to each location’ current menu:

Alternative Mobile Order Coffee Options in Disneyland

  • Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country
    • Open from 11am – Park Close
    • Offers a rotational featured cold brew, and also regular coffee.
    • This is my favorite location to get coffee in Disneyland because I love cold brew coffee. And since 2019, Hungry Bear always has a specialty cold brew on rotation. It was pumpkin in the fall, snickerdoodle in the winter, and now it is a combination of hazelnut, caramel, and marshmallow.
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe on Main Street
    • Open from Park Open – Park Close
    • Offers espresso shots (single or double), cappuccinos, caffe lattes (hot or iced), mochas (hot, iced, or blended), caramel macchiatos (hot or iced), and regular coffee. 
    • I love ordering from Jolly Holiday too because of the big coffee menu, and I love their iced caramel macchiato.
  • Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland
    • Open from Park Open – Park Close
    • Offers regular cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew coffee, as well as regular coffee.
    • The cold brew option here is much more plain than the one at Hungry Bear, which is great when you want something lighter. And I love the nitro option!
  • (Seasonally) Harbour Galley located in New Orleans Square 
    • Open from 11am – 9pm (can vary due to Fantasmic show times)
    • Offers a specialty seasonally cold brew coffee. It was pumpkin during fall and winter 2019 and disappeared by January.
    • Keep in mind that the specialty cold brew is only offered here seasonally, like during halloween-time or the Christmas season. Check the menu before your trip to see what might be available if you have to plan ahead. It will be listed online on the Harbour Galley menu if it is currently being offered.  

Alternative Mobile Order Coffee Options in DCA

  • Schmoozies! in Hollywood Land
    • Open from About 30 Mins After Park Open – About an Hour Before Park Close
    • Offers cold brew, espresso shots (single or double), mochas or lattes (hot or iced), cappuccinos, and regular coffee. They also offer a regular affogato and a seasonal affogato, or mocha shake too! 

While DCA lacks mobile order coffee options compared to Disneyland, Schmoozies! is still a great option. Or you could also check out to Gourmet Coffee Cart by the Little Mermaid ride as an alternative. There is no mobile ordering there, but there is rarely a long line and there are tons of creative (and gourmet!) coffee options there too.

Finally, also remember that if needed, pretty much every mobile order restaurant location on the Disneyland App does offer regular drip coffee served hot. Share your favorite tips about mobile ordering Starbucks at Disneyland, and coffee in Disneyland in general!

Schmoozies offers specialty coffee for mobile order at Disneyland.
“Schmoozies! Signage in DCA” by HarshLight is licensed by CC BY 2.0

What goes great with coffee? Waffles! Especially Mickey waffles! Check out this article for a list of all the place you can get a Mickey waffle to enjoy with your coffee.

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