Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl: Step By Step Guide

Move over “Drink Around the World at Epcot” or “Monorail Crawl” because there’s a new top dog in town. The Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl is the newest addition made possible with the opening of the Skyliner in late 2019. I think the Skyliner bar crawl is a very exciting bar crawl to try because it spans two theme parks, and four Disney resorts. All while travelling on a brand new, very fast, and very unique form of travel (that doesn’t require driving)!

Here’s our general plan of attack for this Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl: 

  1. Hollywood Studios – Otherworldly treats from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  2. Art of Animation Resort –  Fun resort details and photo-ops
  3. Pop Century Resort – Classic drinks with decade’s theming
  4. Caribbean Beach Resort – Island style flair
  5. Riviera Resort – Upscale European vibes
  6. Epcot – Drink your way around the world! 
Map of the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl system and route
Map of the Disney Skyliner Transportation System

So on this journey you’ll get a great taste for the Disney resort experience by visiting two value resorts, one moderate resort, and the newest deluxe resort.. on top of the two theme parks! And there’s no better way to complete this bar crawl with night-time fireworks – I suggest at Epcot. 

If you’re planning to do this bar crawl and cap off your night with the Epcot fireworks, I recommend starting the crawl at Hollywood Studios no later than 6.5 hours before the scheduled fireworks time. Or if you’re starting at Art of Animation or Pop Century, you could start no later than 5 hours in advance of the Epcot fireworks time. 

And if you want to take your Skyliner bar crawl to the next level, check out this editable name badge I made to go along with the crawl available on Etsy here. It lists each stop on the crawl and brief directions to each, so you can easily stay on course the whole way through. Plus you can edit the file and change anything you’d like to make it unique to your event like the colors, text, adding your own logo, etc.

1. Hollywood Studios – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #1

I chose to start at Hollywood Studios because I felt like it would be best to end at Epcot. Because Epcot has so many bars and food options, I think it is best to save it for last. Leaving Epcot last also means you can end your night with the Epcot fireworks (which I think are the better fireworks options over Hollywood Studios). 

If you’re staying on Disney property ending at Epcot also gives you the chance to use free Disney transportation back to your home resort. Also a side note, you could also call Hollywood Studios a bonus first stop because you don’t technically need a park ticket to do the rest of this bar crawl (if you skip Epcot at the end).  

Option 1: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Oga’s Cantina

The newest option for drinks at Hollywood Studios is Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. If you’re planning to hit up Oga’s Cantina, make sure you get a reservation in advance. Because there is usually not an option to do stand-by or walk-ups at Oga’s. 

Drink (And Food) Suggestions at Oga’s Cantina for the Skyliner Bar Crawl:

  • Fuzzy TaunTaun, $16.00: Feeling adventurous? Give this drink a go! The Fuzzy TaunTaun is a peach-y flavored drink topped with foam that makes your mouth go numb!  
  • The Outer Rim, $17.00: This one was my personal favorite on my recent trip to Oga’s. It is a silver tequila, açaí liqueur, and lime drink that is served topped with exoctic fruit puree and a black salt rim. 
  • Batuu Bits, $11.00: This is a snack mix with a galactic feel. It is a really fun treat with a mix of savory, salty, sweet, and spicy items to accompany your drinks.
Snacks and drinks from Oga's Cantina, the first stop on the Disney Skyliner bar crawl.
Batuu Bits, the Outer Rim, and the Jedi Mind Trick from Oga’s Cantina

Option 2: BaseLine Tap House:

Not able to get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina or not into the Star Wars thing in general? No worries! In that case, my next recommendation for drinks at Hollywood Studios is BaseLine Tap House. BaseLine is more like your typical beer bar (and wine/cocktails) that you might find in your hometown, but with Disney flair. 

Drink (And Food) Suggestions At BaseLine Tap House for the Skyliner Bar Crawl: 

  • Create-Your-Own Beer Flight, $12.00: A very reasonable price which includes four different beers of your choosing, 5oz. pours each. 
  • Bavarian Pretzel, $9.00: The perfect salty snack to match your beer, wine, or cocktails. This is a large german style pretzel served with beer cheese and spicy mustard – yumm!
  • Spiced Almonds, $6.00: Exactly as it sounds, this is a serving of spiced almonds to nibble on while you sip on your drinks. And considering it’s nuts, the price is not too bad – by Disney standards! 

What To Do Next: Board Skyliner Heading To The Station Between Pop Century and Art of Animation 

How To Get There: From Hollywood studios board the Skyliner heading for the station at Pop Century / Art of Animation. While on this Skyliner section, you will need to change Skyliner gondolas, and make a transfer at Caribbean Beach Resort. (We will be back to Caribbean Beach later on). Just disembark the Hollywood Studios Skyliner and get back in line for the Art of Animation / Pop Century line to continue the journey.

2. Art of Animation Resort: The Drop Off Pool Bar – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #2

After getting off the Skyliner at the shared Art of Animation / Pop Century station, with your back facing the station, head right towards the Art of Animation Resort. I think start at AoA is a good option because it has a higher WOW factor than Pop Century does. And I think it’s better to start the resort portion of the Skyliner bar crawl with more of a bang! 

This is the main pool bar at Art of Animation Resort, themed after Nemo. It is a smaller bar with about 20 seats at the bar, and some tables with chairs in the area as well. Side note, did you know the Big Blue Pool here is the largest resort pool at Walt Disney World? Go ahead, impress your friends with that factoid!

Where To Find The Drop Off Pool Bar At Art of Animation Resort: 

From leaving the Skyliner station, continue on the bridge over to Art of Animation Resort. Keep walking straight ahead and you will see the playground. Follow the walking path running to the left of the playground. Continue walking straight past the splash zone, and you should see the bar to the left of the main pool, just before the main lobby building. 

Drink Suggestions At The Drop Off Pool Bar For The Skyliner Bar Crawl: 

  • Blue Ocean, $15.00: I’m a major Odwalla Lemonade fan, so this one is definitely my choice from the menu here. It is Odwalla Lemonade mixed with Bacardi Rum, Svedka Vodka, and Blue Curacao. This one packs a punch! 
  • All of my collected research from other reviewers confirms that the Blue Ocean is the most popular drink order to try here. But you can also choose from other tropical themed cocktails, beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverages of course. 

Other Things To Check Out At Art of Animation Resort: 

  • The Bakery Case at Landscape of Flavors: The pastries at Landscape of Flavors are always delicious. They usually have the seasonal rotation cupcake or treat, plus standard pastries, cookies, and cupcakes that taste anything other than standard. I would go with the seasonal cupcake, personally – it’s usually around $5.50.
  • Resort Photo-Ops: Art of Animation Resort is great for photo-ops! There are larger than life statues and displays throughout the resort of various Disney characters. There are four sections of the resort, each themed to either Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, or The Little Mermaid. Also check out the colorful wall of Disney animation drawings in the main lobby by the check-in desks as well. Get a picture of your bar crawl group at this resort before things get too crazy!

What To Do Next: Walk To Petals Pool Bar at Pop Century Resort 

How To Get There: When you’re ready to get going to the next stop, head back towards the Skyliner station. If you’re still at the Drop Off Pool Bar, just walk straight back towards the playground and onto the bridge where the station is. 

Now, let’s talk Pop Century real quick. Pop Century is the most “meh” stop on this list as it is the most generic location. There’s not too much going on at Pop Century, but if you’re looking for an extra stop to make this whole adventure a bit longer, by all means, stop at Pop Century. On the other hand, if you’re short on time, Pop Century is the one to skip. You can read the next section to get more information to make your decision easier. 

If you’re skipping Pop Century, just get on the Skyliner now and head for Caribbean Beach resort. Otherwise, if you want to checkout Pop Century too, then just keep walking straight on the bridge, continuing past the Skyliner station. Personally, I am a complete-ist so you can bet I’m stopping at Pop Century too!

3. Pop Century Resort: Petals Pool Bar – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #3

At Pop Century you can either go to Petals Pool Bar, or you can go to the food court. In my opinion, it’s more fun to go to Petals Pool Bar over the food court. There are more drink options there and it retains the “bar” atmosphere a bit more. I think it’s worth it to stop at Pop Century, even though it’s the least themed on this list. There are still great drinks, great atmosphere, fun extras like free ping-pong and other games to play, and usually something good in the bakery case at the food court. 

Petals Pool Bar at Pop Century Resort, the 3rd stop on the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl.

Where To Find Petals Pool Bar at Pop Century Resort:

To get to Petals Pool Bar, continue walking straight from the Skyliner station on the bridge as you’re leaving Art of Animation Resort. Petals Pool Bar is located pretty much in the same area you found the Drop Off Bar at previously. Just keep walking straight off of the Skyliner station bridge past the large Yo-Yo’s. You’ll see the main pool in front of you. Continue walking straight around the left hand side of the pool. Petals Pool Bar is located on the left of the main pool right before you get to the main lobby building.  

Drink Suggestions At Petals Pool Bar for the Skyliner Bar Crawl:

  • Cucumber and Mint Vojito, $14.00: Petals’ version of a mojito including Kettle One Botanical Cucumber and Mint Vodka, lime, pure cane sugar, and soda water. This is the one drink that I could find on the menu that was a unique option that the Drop Off Bar before did not offer. 
  • Petals Pool Bar and The Drop Off Pool Bar at AoA Resort next door have virtually overlapping menus. So you can either try something you didn’t before, or try this option that is unique to Pop Century. Also just like at the last resort, there are other tropical cocktail options, beer, wine, or non-alcoholic drinks here as well. 

Other Things To Check Out While At Pop Century Resort: 

  • Ping Pong: Right by Petals Pool Bar there are a few outdoor ping pong tables that are (mostly) free to play. You just need to buy a ping pong ball for a quarter from one of the vending machines at Petals Pool Bar. 
  • Fast Forward Arcade: If the outdoor games aren’t your thing, try the indoor arcade just inside the main doors from behind Petals pool bar. Plus the arcade is right next to the food court and the bathrooms. So it’s also a great pit stop for a snack, or a bathroom break.

What To Do Next: Take The Skyliner To Banana Cabana at Caribbean Beach Resort

How To Get There: Leave Pop Century Resort by walking back to the Skyliner station on the bridge that you came from before. Then simply hop on the Skyliner again. There’s not any choice really of the route, so just hop on and then get off at the next stop: Caribbean Beach Resort.

4. Caribbean Beach Resort: Banana Cabana – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #4

This is the main Skyliner hub so the station here is much bigger than any others you will encounter during the full journey. Caribbean Beach Resort is also the largest resort that we will visit on this bar crawl. The theming of the resort, and the Banana Cabana bar, is really impressive here and is one of my favorite stops on the crawl.

Banana Cabana, the 4th stop on the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl.
The newly renovated Banana Cabana pool bar at Caribbean Beach Resort

Where To Find Banana Cabana At Caribbean Beach Resort:

To get to Banana Cabana from the Caribbean Beach Skyliner station it is about an 8-10 minute walk, so be prepared for that. The easiest and quickest way to get to Banana Cabana is through the Barbados section of the Caribbean Beach Resort. I recommend to follow the map I have pictured below for a better idea of your path. 

Essentially, you will exit the Skyliner station and walk past the Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk sticking on the path running parallel to the water. The continue walking on the path as it turns right on Sea Breeze Dr. After a bit, the path then crosses Sea Breeze Dr by turning left and crossing to the other side of the street. Once across the street the path then turns right and continues to a bridge over the water. And then finally, it curves to the left again. 

The walking path then continues straight, following parallel to the water. You will walk past a small beach in the Barbados section and continue to the main lobby and pool area. Once you get past the Barbados section you will see the big main pool (with Mayan style pyramids) straight ahead. You will find Banana Cabana right behind the main pool overlooking the water. 

Map from the Skyliner Station at Caribbean Beach Resort to Banana Cabana Pool Bar
Map from the Skyliner Station at Caribbean Beach Resort to Banana Cabana Pool Bar

Drink (And Food) Suggestions At Banana Cabana for the Skyliner Bar Crawl: 

  • Caribbean Rum Flight, $15.00: Your choice of three Caribbean rum options, with a 3/4oz. pour of each. This is a really unique option you won’t find elsewhere on the crawl.  But watch your limits, we still have more stops!
  • Island Time Seasonal Margarita, $14.00: This margarita is a base of Don Julio Reposado tequila, Grand Manier, and sweet-and-sour. The base is then mixed with seasonal ingredients and flavors and changes often. 
  • Jerk Chicken Wings, $12.00: A Banana Cabana specialty of jerk spice chicken wings served with pickled vegetable ribbons and cilantro-lime crema. 

What To Do Next: Walk to Bar Riva at Riviera Resort

How To Get There: Yes, you could walk back the same you came and take the Skyliner again over to Riviera Resort. However, it is the same amount of walking time if you just walk straight over to Riviera Resort instead. It is about 7-8 minutes walk from Banana Cabana to the main tower at Riviera. 

Just leave Banana Cabana walking opposite of the way you came in. So walk towards the Marina and the Martinique section. Follow signs past the Marina along the path running parallel to the water. Continue past the Martinique section and once you pass the small pool on your right, you will be on Riviera Resort property. I included the walking map for this section below for your reference. 

Map from Banana Cabana Pool Bar at Caribbean Beach Resort to Bar Riva at Riviera Resort
Map from Banana Cabana Pool Bar at Caribbean Beach Resort to Bar Riva at Riviera Resort

5. Riviera Resort: Bar Riva – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #5

The Riviera Resort is Disney’s newest resort on property. It is mainly a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resort. But anyone can stay there regardless of if they’re a DVC member or not. The resort is themed to be a mix of French and Italian and is definitely a deluxe resort. It has a very luxe and upscale feel, but at the same time, not stuck up either.  

There are actually quite a few options for drinks and eats at the Riviera Resort. For this bar crawl, I’m choosing Bar Riva because I think it is the best bang for your buck for most parties. However, you could also do Le Petit Cafe, or even Topolino Terrace as well. If you’re going with Topolino Terrace instead, make sure to get a reservation in advance. Le Petit Cafe is another good option too (maybe a bonus stop?), and does not require a reservation in advance. I have more information about Le Petit Cafe below.

Where To Find Bar Riva At Riviera Resort:

As you’re coming in from Caribbean Beach Resort, continue following the walking path around the U-turn into Riviera Resort. Once you get to the splash pad area at the pool, turn right and you will see Bar Riva on your right. 

Drink (And Food) Suggestions At Bar Riva for the Skyliner Bar Crawl: 

  • Riviera Spiked Iced Tea, $15.00: I chose this one as it’s named after the resort itself, and it’s also another option that really packs a punch. That’s because this one is four different types of alcohol blended with Cointreau, sweet-and-sour, and Coca-Cola. The alcohols used being Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardí Superior Rum, Magellan Gin, and Corazón Blanco Tequila.
  • Various Wines, $10.00-$15.00 per glass, or $39.00-$59.00 per bottle: Keeping with the French and Italian theming, there are many great wines to try at this resort. Mostly European wines, with a few domestic as well. 
  • Spicy Italian Sandwich, $12.49: This is a classic Italian sandwich with specialty meats like sliced capicola, salami, ham and Provolone cheese. And topped with vegetable giardiniera. Plus it’s served with a side of soup, salad, Romano and herb fries, or sliced fruit.

Other Things to Check Out At Riviera Resort: 

  • Le Petit Cafe: Found in the main lobby of the resort. You could make Le Petit Cafe a bonus stop on this bar crawl because there are also several specialty cocktails here too. If you are going to add this to the crawl, I suggest considering the specialty coffees with alcohol. They have two versions both for $13.00. Or you can also get 2oz pours of several top shelf liquor options for around $16.00 each. Outside of more drinks, Le Petit Cafe is worth it for the pastry case alone. It almost kind of puts the bakery case at Pop Century to shame (they both have their own merits!). I think the picture below speaks for itself in terms of the pastries…
Pastry case at Le Petit Cafe at Riviera Resort
  • The Mosaic Murals Outside of the Skyliner Station: The mosaics at Riviera Resort should not be missed. There are two GIANT mosaic murals right outside of the Skyliner station here at Riviera, one themed to Tangled and one to Peter Pan. Not only is this another really great photo-op, it’s also an extremely impressive art piece. All of the tiles in the mosaics were cut and laid by hand! 

What To Do Next: Board The Skyliner at Riviera Resort heading to Epcot 

How To Get There: If you’ve ended your time at the Riviera Resort at the mosaic murals, then you’re already in the area of the Skyliner station. If not, just make your way over to the station. From the resort’s main lawn lined with palm trees, face the water and then walk to the right. 

Make sure you walk through the archways in the resort building in order to be able to see the mosaic murals. Don’t just walk around the outside of the building or you will miss the mosaics (unless of course you walk back to see them once at the station). Once you’ve seen the mosaics, board the Skyliner heading toward Epcot.

Mosaic art at the Riviera Resort, the 5th stop on the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl
One of two mosaic art pieces at the Skyliner station at Riviera Resort

6. Epcot – Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Stop #6 – The End!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final stop on the bar crawl! Hopefully there weren’t too many disasters along the way, wink-wink. Epcot is FULL of several different bars and specialty drink options, so the world is your oyster here. 

If you’re short on time before the fireworks show, I recommend grabbing a drink to-go. That way you can multitask: drink while finding a good spot to camp out for the Epcot evening fireworks… I can’t imagine a better way to end this bar crawl adventure (marathon?). There are tons of stands throughout the international showcase. Or there’s usually some kind of festival going on with extra booth and drink options as well. 

Keep an eye on the blog because I will be publishing a full Epcot Drink / Eat Around the World post soon too. Though I’m not sure many people could (or should) do both the Skyliner and the full Epcot crawls in one day. 

How To Modify The Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl If You Don’t Have Theme Park Tickets

The bar crawl could mostly be completed without a park ticket. All you would have to do is cut out Hollywood Studios in the beginning and cut out Epcot at the end. If you’re doing this Skyliner bar crawl as an activity on a day that you don’t have park tickets, starting at Pop Century / Art of Animation is still probably your best bet as well. 

This is because there is more parking at these resorts and chances of being allowed to park for free can be a bit higher (though are never guaranteed). Feel free to reverse the direction of the bar crawl though, if you’d like. 

To start, you can either take a taxi or lyft/uber, or Minnie Van, over to either resort, Pop Century or Art of Animation. Or you can drive yourself, if you have a car, and park at either resort as well. When you arrive to park at the resort, just let the cast member onsite know you’re planning to do a “skyliner resort crawl”. 

Depending on the parking cast member onsite, you may get to park for free. Or you may need to pay the standard parking fee of $15.00.  Although we would never recommend, and do not encourage, driving under the influence. And we assume that you have a sober driver if you are driving to do this bar crawl.

A Side Note: All prices listed in this article have been double checked and are current as of February 2021. Although Disney is liable to change prices at anytime, so keep in mind that prices may vary slightly when you attempt this bar crawl. All locations are also currently open as well, with standard Covid restrictions seen throughout the resort. Although some locations do have limited hours. Check the Disney app or website for full hours and availability.

Skyliner Bar Crawl Editable Name Badge Printable

Get this editable Skyliner Bar Crawl name badge on my Etsy store here and print as many copies as you’d like for your friend and family to use while on the crawl!

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