Can You Walk Around Disney Springs With Alcohol?

Walt Disney World is known for being a family friendly destination, and for decades you could not find a drop of alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, unless you smuggled it in yourself. But in today’s world, theme park guests expect to be able to walk around the parks with alcoholic beverages just as they would at a sports stadium or a concert. And you can already walk around with alcohol at all but one Disney theme park (that one being the Magic Kingdom). But can you also walk around with alcohol at Disney Springs, the 120+ acre shopping and entertainment center at Walt Disney World? 

Guests are allowed to walk around Disney Springs with alcohol, as long as the drink is in a plastic cup, or aluminum can or bottle. You can purchase to-go drinks from many of the full service restaurants, or at the beverage carts throughout Disney Springs. 

In this post I share the details about walking around with adult beverages at Disney Springs including the little-known rules and requirements. Plus I share exactly where you can quickly and easily get to-go drinks to walk around with at Disney Springs. Including the one restaurant that currently allows mobile ordering from your phone for alcoholic drinks for pick-up. 

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Can You Walk Around With Alcohol at Disney Springs?

Yes, you are allowed to walk around Disney Springs with alcoholic beverages. In fact, to-go drinks are sold in various locations throughout Disney Springs. As such, it is not uncommon to see many people walking around with a drink, especially in the evening. Grabbing a drink to-go can be a great treat to enjoy while exploring Disney Springs before a dinner reservation, or before running into World of Disney to grab the latest set of Mickey ears. 

Caveats and Rules of Walking around Disney Springs with Adult Beverages:

While it is totally acceptable to be exploring Disney Springs with an open container, there are a couple caveats to keep in mind. 

First, Coronavirus regulations as of 2021 do require that face coverings be worn at all times throughout Disney Springs, and can only be removed when stationary. So you can walk around with a drink at Disney Springs but you will need to stop walking in order to take off your mask to drink it. 

  • Drinks must be in a plastic or aluminum container, bottle, or cup.
  • No glass containers allowed

Open containers (of alcoholic beverages) can not be taken outside of Disney Springs. You will not be allowed on Disney transportation, the Disney Springs boat or the Resort busses, with an open container. 

Where to Buy “To-Go” Alcohol at Disney Springs to Walk Around With

Now that it has been established that it is perfectly acceptable to walk around Disney Springs while enjoying an adult beverage, the last thing to figure out is where to get your drinks from! Here I’ve listed the most popular spots to get to-go drinks at Disney Springs. Plus a full list of every location that offers alcoholic beverages to take away, and the one location that accepts Mobile Orders for alcoholic drinks.

Most Popular Disney Springs Locations with Unique Drinks and the Largest To-Go Selections

As you can see in the full list later on in this article, there are over 20 different restaurants and kiosks that serve alcoholic drinks at Disney Springs that you can walk around with. If you’re overwhelmed with all of the choices, focus on the following locations that all offer a wide selection or serve really unique and fun drinks sure to be a hit with everyone:

  • The Basket at Wine Bar George: Very diverse menu with a great price range and practically every type of alcoholic beverage. Including a Frozcato made with the famous Disney pineapple Dole Whip or the new lime Dole Whip. 
  • The Polite Pig: Perfect for bourbon fans as it is home to over 90 whiskies including hard to find varieties. Plus beer, wine, and specialty cocktails – all starting from $9.
  • Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Shine Bar: Known for their moonshine. Drink it straight, or mixed in a specialty moonshine cocktail. There’s also beer, wine, and cocktails made from regular liquor for those less adventurous! 

Drink Carts Throughout Disney Springs

If you’re just looking for a simple beer, glass of wine, or cocktail while you’re on the go at Disney Springs look for the drink carts located throughout the area. There are several of these outdoor bar carts all over Disney Springs to the point that they are usually not too hard to find (ask a Cast Member if you’re struggling). Most of these drink carts offer standard bottled and draft beer, simple cocktails, and a small wine list. Prices at these carts average $6 – $10 per drink. 

Full List of Restaurants That Offer To-Go Drinks in Disney Springs

Disney Springs is split up into four different sections: The Marketplace, the West Side, Town Center, and the Landing. There are restaurants in each area that serve alcoholic drinks to go. Here is the full list broken down by each section of Disney Springs: 

Use the Disney Springs map on the My Disney Experience App or find one of the Map Boards throughout Disney Springs to check where you are and how to get to each of these spots. 

Marketplace Side Locations Offering To-Go Alcoholic Drinks

LocationPricesDrink Options
Joffery’s Handcrafted Smoothies$9 – $10Liqueur based smoothies and coffees
AristoCrêpes$8 – $13Slushies, seasonal draft beer
B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.$9Seasonal draft beer
Marketplace Snacks$14Rum based Dole Whip floats

West Side Locations Offering To-Go Alcoholic Drinks

LocationPricesDrink Options
Ye Sake$7 – $10Sake, slushies, beer
4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck$7Beer
Everglazed Donuts$6 – $14Spiked coffees, hard seltzers, beer

Town Center Locations Offering To-Go Alcoholic Drinks

LocationPricesDrink Options
Amorette’s Patisserie$10 – $45Champagne and sparkling wine by they glass or by bottle, seasonal wine slushies
Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza$7 – $19Wine by the glass, draft and bottled beer
Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Bar$9 – $30Cocktails and floats, each using various Coca-Cola brand sodas
D-Luxe Burger$9 – $16Specialty milkshakes, beer, wine by the glass
The Daily Poutine$9 – $14Beer, sangria, slushies
The Polite Pig$9 – $25+Huge bourbon menu including flights, cocktails, beer, and wine
Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill (Walk Up Window)$7 – $24Cocktails, beer, wine by the glass
Frontera Cocina (Walk Up Window)$8 – $50Margaritas, cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass or bottle

The Landing Area Locations Offering To-Go Alcoholic Drinks

LocationPricesDrink Options
The Basket at Wine Bar George$9 – $16Cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, cider, frozen drinks (including a Frozcato with Dole Whip!)
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea$12Cocktails and spiked coffees
Morimoto Asia Street Food$7 – $11Singapore Lemonade slush, and beer
Pizza Ponte$7 – $10Hard seltzer, beer, wine by the glass, wine pops
The BOATHOUSE$14 – $60Cocktails, wine by the glass or bottle
Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Shine Bar$6 – $60Moonshine, cocktails, draft or bottled beer, wine by the glass or bottle
Raglan Road (Walk Up Window)$8 – $45+Draft and bottled beer, cocktails, wine by the glass or bottle

Use Mobile Order to Skip The Line and Get Your Drinks To Go at D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger is a quick-service restaurant that is most definitely a Disney Springs staple. It’s popularity, and low price points, have contributed to making D-Luxe Burger the first and only restaurant available on Mobile Order at Disney Springs. 

You can use Mobile Order on the My Disney Experience App to order from D-Luxe Burger on your phone. And then you can pick up your order at a special pick-up window once it’s ready and skip the line! With Mobile Order you have access to the full menu, including drinks. Take a look at the drink selection as of February 2021:

Alcoholic drink selection from D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs

So while it may be surprising, you can definitely order alcoholic drinks through your phone at Disney Springs – but only at D-Luxe Burger. Once you arrive to pick up your order, a Disney Cast Member will check your ID for proof of age, and then you’re on your merry way! 

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